Congregational Life in Twelve Central Belt Baptist churches, 1918 to 1939

In 1979, David Edwards in Glasgow sent a questionnaire to churches, an early initiative by the (still flourishing) Scottish Baptist History Project. He asked 64 questions about ‘the life of the churches in the (inter-war) years from 1918 to 1939’. I was given twelve completed questionnaires while preparing a chapter for the 1988 monograph, David Bebbington (ed.), Baptists in Scotland: a History. I came across them during a recent spring-clean and thought it worth preparing this Paper.

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The Ten Commandments today – or are there Eleven?

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that when I was asked to speak at Christian meetings and to choose a subject, I often suggested ‘Common Grace and Saving Grace’ [1]. If I was asked back, and again asked for a subject, it was often ‘The Ten Commandments today – or are there Eleven?’ My talk went as follows – footnotes and additional information have been added for this version.


1. Introduction
2. Old Testament Law
3. Three types of Law
4. The Ceremonial Law
5. The Social Law
6. The Moral Law
7. Christ and Old Testament Law
8. Christ and the Ceremonial Law
9. Christ and the Social Law
10. Christ and the Moral Law


Law and Grace
A False Antithesis
A False Synthesis
A General Confusion

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Old Jamaica

The Balfour Family Tree: Jamaica

Supplement to ‘The Balfour Family Tree’

George Balfour of Chalmersquoy, married Barbara Rendall in 1731. From their son Thomas of Uttersquoy comes the Balfours who are now in Edinburgh.
From their younger son, Murdoch of Chalmersquoy comes another branch of the family, whose identity was provided to Ian in 2018 by Murdoch’s great great granddaughter, Jennifer Hicks in Jamaica.

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Life and Teaching of Rev. W Graham Scroggie, 1877-1958

Graham Scroggie was one of the most influential evangelical preachers and teachers of the first half of the 20th century. Many have regretted, one in print in the year 2000, that ‘there is no published biography of Graham Scroggie, and unlikely ever to be one now’.

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Citywide Edinburgh Missions

A Group which met weekly on Thursday afternoons in St Thomas’ Scottish Episcopal Church, Costorphine, Edinburgh, asked Ian Balfour in 2001 to give a Paper about evangelistic missions in Edinburgh, particularly those in which St Thomas had been involved. St Thomas was constituted as an Independent Chapel within the Anglican Church in 1844, and has a long and worthy history of contributing to interdenominational evangelistic outreach in Edinburgh, particularly since 1945 under its rectors Rev George Duncan, Rev Dr Geoffrey Bromily, Rev Philip Hacking, Rev Gordon Bridger, Rev John Wesson, Rev Dennis Lennon, Rev Mike Parker and Rev Ian Hopkins. This is the text of the Paper which Ian gave.
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Charlotte Chapel Evangelical Social Involvement

The Scottish Church History Society, founded in 1922, asked Ian Balfour to give a Paper on this subject at their May 2008 meeting, held in the Free Church of Scotland College, Edinburgh. The proceedings of their monthly meetings are published annually as Scottish Church History Society Records, but for those who do not have access to this periodical, the Paper is made available here also. It is copied here exactly as given.
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Charlotte Chapel Elders and Deacons, 1877 to 2005

C.H. Spurgeon preaching in the Surrey Gardens Music Hall, see ‘Elders in Spurgeon’s Tabernacle’

The Scottish Baptist History Society asked Ian Balfour to give a Paper on this subject at their May 2006 meeting, held in Morningside Baptist Church, Edinburgh. As the proceedings of their six-monthly meetings are (regrettably) not published, the Paper is made available here.

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