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Terullian – Oxford Papers

Ian’s interest in Tertullian continued and he has given papers at the International Conference on Patristic Studies, held in Oxford every four years. They have published all the papers that he gave at the Conferences – the first from the 1975 Conference  (The fate of the soul in induced abortion in the writings of Tertullian) and the last from the 2003 Conference (Tertullian’s religious beliefs before his conversion). These and others are available for download, below.  His paper for the 2015 Conference will be available  when published.


Fate of the soul in induced abortionUniversity of Oxford logo

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Tertullian’s beliefs before conversion

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Tertullian on and off the internet
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Tertullian’s description of the heathen
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Charlotte Baptist Chapel Historical image of the exterior

200 years of Charlotte Baptist Chapel

Revival in Rose Street, by Ian Balfour

In 2008, Charlotte Baptist Chapel in Edinburgh celebrated its two hundredth anniversary.  Ian, who had been an elder there since 1965 and Church Secretary from 1980 to 2000, wrote a history and also put a lot of additional information onto a CD which went with the book. For a download with the text of the Charlotte Chapel History without the photographs but with footnotes click here.
Copies of the printed book, with the CD, are available at £5 plus postage:

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Revival in Rose Street

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To see the “Charlotte Chapel History in 10-minutes” film click here.

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HMS Cossack arrives in Leith, greeted by onlookers

War Diary 1940 – 1944

When it seemed, in the summer of 1940, that Britain might be invaded by German forces, a cousin in Hamilton, Ontario, pressed the family to be his guests for the duration of the war.  After initial reluctance, Ian’s mother accepted the invitation and in August 1940 took Ian and his brother William to Hamilton, returning to Edinburgh in August 1944. Francis Balfour stayed in Edinburgh and the diary which he wrote during these years is available to download below. Please allow a couple of minutes for download as these are large documents.

Part 1: 1939-1940

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Gas masks demonstrated for babies in Edinburgh circa 1940

Part 2: 1941-1942

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Part 3: 1943-1944

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