Life and Teaching of Rev. W Graham Scroggie, 1877-1958

Graham Scroggie was one of the most influential evangelical preachers and teachers of the first half of the 20th century. Many have regretted, one in print in the year 2000, that ‘there is no published biography of Graham Scroggie, and unlikely ever to be one now’.

This was remedied, but with almost no publicity, when David Wright made his 1977 work, Graham Scroggie, the Authorised Biography, available online at

There is a foreword to it by Scroggie’s son Marcus. Ian had no input into the production of that work, but he has been peripherally involved in a pending scholarly monograph about Graham Scroggie’s life, the first to appear in print, and he will provide the Preface to it – details will be available here when the publication date is known.