bus depot 1992

1992: Bus tour to Rome, Sienna, Florence & Venice / Center Parc, Nottingham / Young Island, St Vincent, Grenadines

Joyce pigeons 1992

1992, April – bus tour to Rome, Sienna, Florence and Venice

Sheerings’ feeder bus started in Edinburgh, picked up people all through central and south Scotland and northern England, and arrived at Dover with all the other feeder buses from the various regions. We then moved to the bus for our onward tour and were driven comfortably through France and Switzerland to Rome. Photos of Joyce overlooking Florence and Ian in Rome. Then along the Po Valley to Venice and back to Dover, where we swapped back into buses for local destinations.


1992, July – Center Parc, Nottingham

Another week in a chalet, similar to the previous three visits. Photo of the central lake, the village and the dome of the subtropical swimming paradise.



1992, November – Young Island, St Vincent, Grenadines

1992 Young IslandAttracted by an advertisement in a travel brochure, we flew from Heathrow to Barbados, then on a smaller local plane to St Vincent. Young Island was spectacular and the management friendly. Photo taken from the shore opposite. Swimming pool and swimming in the sea, lounge chairs on the beaches. The motorboat in the picture took passengers to and from the island – people did not, as in one of the promotional films of the island, swim across with a waterproof rucksack on their back.

For three days in the middle of our fortnight we sailed with two others on the hotel’s own yacht, captained by Reuben, one of their staff, to various surrounding islands – much swimming from the boat.


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