Canary Islands Joyce 1993

1993: Cruise of the Canary Islands / Center Parc, Nottingham / Japan / Young Island, St. Vincent

Joyce 19931993, February, cruise of the Canary Islands

Cruise from Southampton on the Cunard Princess, with a day ashore on most of the Canary islands. These photographs, of the ship and of the fruitmarket, were taken on Tenerife. Joyce was determined to swim in the sea on her birthday, 19 February, and achieved this by taking a local bus along the coast to a town with an easily accessible beach – but the water seemed freezing.




19931993, June – helicopter ride

Robin and Frances’ birthday present to Ian was a 30-minute sight-seeing helicopter tour for the four of us, taking off from the foreshore at Cramond and going up the Forth then over and around Edinburgh and down to Musselburgh and back. A scary (deliberate) twirl as we landed. Robin and our trusty Granada are in the foreground.



1993 center parcs1993, July – Center Parc, Nottingham

Ian, Jennifer and Alison at the Pancake House, a favourite café, which adjoined the jetty where paddleboats were for hire.




1993, July – Japan 

Sandy was teaching English as a foreign language for a year in Japan, so Joyce flew with Japan Airlines from Heathrow to Tokyo, on her own, to visit him, and was very impressed. Photographs at local temples.



1993, November – Young Island, St. Vincent 

Return visit for another very enjoyable fortnight. Overnight (this time) flight to Barbados, which gave us all the next morning, before flying on to St Vincent, for a taxi drive around the island; the driver took us to the beginning of the promenade between the fabulous Sandy Lane hotels and the spectacular beach, and gave us time to walk the length of it and back.

Young Island 1993 Joyce
The fortnight included, again, a three-day sail on the hotel’s yacht anchored offshore, skippered by Rueben. Reuben went further afield this time, including letting us ashore on the private island of Mustique.

Our last ever attempt at scuba-diving; staying at a depth, and getting back into the boat, were such an effort that we decided to stick to snorking from then on. Photo of Ian with the cylinder for the oxygen. §The sympathetic boatman, learning about our love of swimming in the Grenadines, arranged for us to join a scheduled flight from St Vincent to Union Island, for a local boatman to take as to beaches for swimming, to a hotel on nearby Palm Island for a superb lunch, and then to hover over the wreck of a gunboat so we could swim down to it and admire the fish.


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